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Dr. Zelenko's Z-Stack® Formula

Dr. Zelenko's Z-Stack® Formula

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10% of all Z-Stack proceeds go to the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, in memory of one of our fallen heroes.

About Z-Stack®

Z-Stack® is one of Dr. Zelenko's premier products that he specifically designed.
With decades of experience in the medical field, the knowledge Dr. Zelenko has gained over the years led to him formulating his own supplement, which we now know as Z-Stack®.
After careful examination, Dr. Zelenko put together an all-natural formula design for supporting the natural defense system of the body.


● Promotes overall immune health

● Scientifically formulated for best results

● Made in the USA

● Kosher certified

● FDA/GMP Certified

This product is 100% Kosher, gluten free, and vegan.

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