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Dr. Schmidt's Restful Sleep Formula

Dr. Schmidt's Restful Sleep Formula

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My Restful Sleep Formula targets the factors that disrupt a healthy night’s sleep which can have multiple negative impacts on other crucial areas of your health. In this special blend, I’ve combined Passion Flower to relax and promote an easy start to your sleep routine while Kava Extract mitigates the impacts of stress as you wind down. Then I added Chamomile for its time-tested properties of providing a gentle calming effect for the brain and body. Completing this one of a kind blend is Valerian to help reduce anxiety and Ashwagandha to help regulate the negative impacts of daily stress on your immune system. Finally, I added Rafuma Leaf to stabilize the mind and prepare for restful sleep.

We know rest is the foundation of all health and wellness, and my Signature Series product is designed to calm the mind and reduce residual stress from the day so you can get a better night’s sleep. As a doctor, I recommend this to people who want better sleep or are looking to develop better sleep habits. Get some rest with this amazing new blend!

 This product is 100% gluten free and vegan.

Ingredients: Rafuma Leaf, Passion Flower P.E., Kava Extract, Chamomile Extract apigenin, Valerian Extract, Ashwagandha Extract 

1. Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Investigation of the Effects of Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) Herbal Tea on Subjective Sleep Quality

2. An internet-based randomized, placebo-controlled trial of kava and valerian for anxiety and insomnia


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