• I had Covid-19 I signed up for the website had to wait for a doctor to take my case and it was short wait It was about within A day (bear in mind this is something you don't want to deal with that's why was so short for me).

    -John P.

  • Amazing organization and service. So grateful to have found them when I got sick with covid. Incredibly fast response time, I had my prescriptions in my hands just hours after filling out the form. Thank you so much for the help you offer everybody!

    -Shiraz Q.

  • Very responsive and professional. Prompt assessment and courteous staff. I couldn't ask for more and was truly impressed by this service being provided for free! Going to donate for sure!

    -Gypsy T.

  • Very positive experience from start to finish. Easy to fill out medical history forms. A doctor responded promptly by a message which I liked as I could read the message compared to a phone call where you may not hear clearly. The pharmacy I chose followed up shortly by
    phone & carefully went over my prescription, costs and shipping
    information. I appreciate this telemedicine service! The suggested fee was reasonable, or pay what you can afford to, or not. You will still receive the help you seek.

    -Jen A.

  • Dr. Apter was so amazing & so sweet!

    Hubs tested positive for covid (we were completely shocked). While my hubs did an herb & vitamin protocol, I did that, plus reached out to Dr. Apter via My Free Doctor for guidance on how to avoid getting covid myself. I don't THINK I got it but did not feel great for a couple of days. Sort of under the weather but no symptoms. Dr. Apter helped me get through it & not have symptoms by staying ahead of it & doing what was needed
    -Christine W.

  • Efficient and effective. A very thorough health history was taken, health concerns were very thoughtfully addressed, and
    then successfully coordinated with my pharmacist.

    -Cathy H.

  • I was diagnosed with Covid on May 23. I suffered from extreme symptoms for almost a week when my brother recommended this site. The urgent care where I was tested told me just to drink plenty of fluids and if symptoms worsened to go to ER, which was the last place I wanted to go. I did my profile and sent my test results and symptoms. Within less than hours I had medications sent to my pharmacy and within 48 hours of starting the regimen, I feel almost 100 percent better. This group of physicians is awesome. They saved me. Thank you

    -Candace H

  • While not being able to go see my primary care doctor during the past few months, I was able to get an appointment with one of the doctors. It was a quick and painless experience.. okay, forgive the pun. The meeting with Dr. Ben was great!! At the end of the meeting, I didn't feel like I was treated differently than seeing a doctor in person.

    I was able to get my prescription sent to my local pharmacy shortly after my appointment.
    -Dennis S.

  • Very responsive and professional. Prompt assessment and courteous staff. I couldn't ask for more and was truly impressed by this service being provided for free! Going to donate for sure!

    -John D.

  • A great service to humanity. Promptly respond and 100% care about their patients! I've read the reviews and am baffled that some people claim they don't respond. I've used them twice from Michigan and had a response and prescription sent to a pharmacy of my choice all within 3 hours or less, both times. The amazing part is this is a donation based service and they do not deny help. Instead, they give a consultation online, send in your prescription and trust that you will make the suggested donation. This is practically unheard of in this day and age. They operate on true Christian practices and I cannot recommend them more. The best service I've ever used for on the go medical advice, care and prescription. Thank you all at My Free Doctor for what you do! Bless you!

    -Paul A.

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