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Click the Become a patient button to register and complete your patient intake form. Our staff will review your application and assign you to a doctor. Your new doctor will quickly respond to your medical concerns via text-based chat - no video call, phone call, or appointment necessary

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Receive professional care via text on our secure Care website - FOR FREE

Frequently asked questions

What is MyFreeDoctor?

    We are a free, donation supported, medical consultation service that connects patients directly to a doctor.

How do I get care?

  • We are only able to accept a certain number of patients each day
  • If we are accepting patients, there will be a button that says "SIGN UP HERE"
  • Once you click that button, you will be asked to create an account with a unique email address
  • BE SURE YOU TURN ON EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS!! This is how we alert you to new messages

I signed up, what next?

  • Expected wait times are 24-48 hours AFTER you have completed your Patient Intake Form
  • Watch your email for notifications of new messages
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to turn on email notifications
  • To do this: log into your account > go to PROFILE > click the small cog wheel above and to the left of your name for Settings > click Notification settings > turn on email notification and confirm we have the best email for you

How long before I get a response?

  • We are still a small team of volunteers working as hard as we can with a huge demand for our services, we usually respond in less than 24 hours
  • If it has been more than 24 hours and you still have not received a response, please message us again on the Care website

How do I get my prescriptions?

  • MyFreeDoctor is a donation-based medical consultation service. Once you create an account and complete the Patient Intake Form, we will connect you with a doctor who will review your information and determine the best treatment protocol
  • After the doctor has decided on the best treatment course, they will send an electronic prescription directly to the pharmacy that YOU choose. We can suggest some mail-order options upon request. You can also find them under the PHARMACY LIST tab at the bottom of this website
  • Once the doctors have sent the e-Rx order to your pharmacy of choice, you must call the pharmacy yourself to arrange payment and shipping
  • Please Note: We DO NOT accept insurance and will not offer a prior authorization or pre-authorization for medications. This is a function of insurance and we are not able to accommodate these requests.

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